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Meet Deana

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I’m Deana Colman,
Transformational Coach & Life Strategist, Change Maker, Wellness Expert, Dancer, and Animal Lover.

I’m a former corporate HR executive and control freak turned liberator of those seeking to find their sweet spot in purpose and

Like most, I grew up believing that hard work, sacrifice, and muscling-through, would pave the path to success…..and it did, but at what cost? I became an entrepreneur not only to make a big impact and fruitful income, but also to have freedom. Freedom to spend my time with people I love, doing things that light me up.

Needless to say I found myself exhausted from being “on” 24/7, and anything but happy. I was a control freak, I was repelling the men in my life, I was drinking and partying to relax. I knew something had to give and I wasn’t about to give up my business – my baby, so what’s a gal to do? I went on a retreat. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much other than a break from my life. Boy was I wrong!

After a life changing retreat with Deepak Chopra, I decided to uproot my way of being and put what l learned into practice. I embarked on a wild and bumpy journey to redefine what happiness and fulfillment mean to me.
I studied under some of the most well known leadership, wellness, and personal growth experts to create a sustainable business model that supported my deepest desires. I put all my certifications and gems of wisdom into action and watched my life morph into something greater than I had ever imagined possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my life is all rainbows and unicorns. I am saying that there is a better way, and I’m on a mission to help women embody their feminine power and innate wisdom so they can grow their businesses with ease and fully experience pleasurable living.



A little more about me…

My BIG WHY stems from a deep desire to see generations of young women and men who are empowered, conscious, and full of an unshakable love for themselves and fellow beings. The only way to accomplish this is for them to have parents who model this way of being. And that’s not going to happen as long as this generation is showing them that self neglect, ignoring their inner voice, and sacrificing true enjoyment is the path to success. We have to lead by example, with our actions, not just preach lofty ideals. I am a Big Sister in the youth organization, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America, and I have witnessed the power of these principles in action.

I would be honored to have you join our tribe of women dedicated to radical self love, uninhibited self expression, embodied feminine leadership, community, and financial freedom.

Welcome Home!